Historicum: family company created by fighters for fighters
We continue to introduce you to The Artisans and Craftsmen People Choice Award competition nominees. The competition is held among the most demanded and popular masters in the HMB community, where, at the selection stage, everyone can nominate their favorite master or workshop. We remind you that we are talking about all those elements of […]
21 Feb 2021 19:29
New Fastest Sword Challenge for HMB ladies
Time to shake things up a bit and join our Fastest Sword Challenge! The idea of the virtual competition was suggested by the World Champion in the Triathlon category Alexey Petrik and we immediately supported it as the way to celebrate the launch of the Duel League. But by starting this virtual competition we’d like […]
19 Feb 2021 15:26
HMB France has a new leader now! 
Ronan Desgranges is the new captain of the HMB France team for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2021, recently announced by Frédéric Lepault, the team’s former captain. He was elected by the members of the 2019 national team, and Ronan proudly accepted this position. “It’s a great honor for me. I’m really […]
18 Feb 2021 13:27
Multifaceted Romania: a first sample for getting to know the country 
2021 will see Romania hosting the XI World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations. Today we want to introduce you to this country. Romania covers an area of 238,391 km² and is the largest country in Southeast Europe and the 12th largest country in all of Europe. Actually, we can talk about Romania all […]
12 Feb 2021 14:48
Anna Muzalevskaya (Russia): “It is important to HEAR all clients` wishes…”
In early December, we announced The Artisans and Craftsmen People Choice Award competition for favorite sport suppliers among the HMB community who can later compete for the title of the most valued HMB community maker, where, at the selection stage, anyone can nominate his or her favorite master or workshop. This time we are not […]
03 Feb 2021 15:10
Bright comeback for the HMB Switzerland female team
The Swiss women’s team is full of enthusiasm and is planning a bright comeback to the lists of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations in 2021. However, let’s talk about everything in order.  According to Rose Ramundo, the captain of the HMB Switzerland female team, girls of the team are planning to compete […]
27 Jan 2021 14:45
Ukraine began to form the team for BotN 2021
Ukraine has begun to form a team to participate in the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations 2021, which will be held in Romania in July. The qualifying stages will begin with a national tournament in duel categories. As it was already announced in the official Facebook of the HMB Ukraine team that […]
22 Jan 2021 14:17
New HMB Brazil team captain and her plans
For the second time in the history of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations, in 2021 a national team will be led by a female captain. In 2020, the Brazilian HMB team for the BotN will be led by Mirian De França Santos.  As we find out, the girl is one of the […]
15 Jan 2021 15:57
Turkish fighters preparations for BotN 2021
“We had our issues in previous years but I am free to say that most of those are solved this year. Our team is committed, our fighters are committed”, this is how Turkish captain Burak Yarar began his story about the process of forming the national team of his country in an interview with HMBIA […]
09 Jan 2021 16:00
Congratulations from Serbia
In hospitable Serbia, holidays are loved and celebrated cheerfully. However, Christmas is exclusively a family holiday. According to Alexandar Uroshevich, President of the National HMB Federation of Serbia and representative of the HMB club “White Stags”, their team includes Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Old Believers. Therefore, Christmas is perhaps the only holiday celebrated separately here. […]
07 Jan 2021 14:50
The Christmas hunt and best wishes from Brazil
Sunny and vibrant Brazil continues our Christmas marathon of congratulations. It also honors the traditions of Christmas, which also comes in this country on December 25 and is celebrated with families. There are a number of other Christmas traditions here.   “The Silver Sword Company HMB club has a historical research about catholicism. Few members […]
06 Jan 2021 15:25
Finnish greetings and 2021 expectations
A Christmas party at home with family is a traditional way to celebrate this holiday in Finland. Teemu Laiho, the National HMB representative of Finland and the Päijät-Häme Medieval Combat team captain did not change traditions this year. The holiday turned out to be warm, homely and joyful. “Christmas was relaxing, including good time with […]
04 Jan 2021 19:15
Best wishes from Mexico! 
The Mexicans personally congratulated the entire HMB community on the New Year holidays! This was made possible thanks to Ana Laura Hernandez Reginleif, a marshal from Mexico and a person who works tirelessly to develop HMB in her country and her Facebook Buhurt`n`chill page in Spanish where she makes interviews about everything and anything needed […]
03 Jan 2021 18:27
Fight & Travel: the main expectation for 2021!
New Year is a family holiday for Artem Beregovyi, captain of the Ukraine 2 team for buhurts at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 and the combat captain of the Taurus UA team and. Celebrating this holiday with relatives and friends is a tradition in the Artem family. “As for me, all […]
02 Jan 2021 20:10
From Russia with love: congratulations from Oleg Lukyanov
The long-awaited 2021 has come in many countries. Finally, we said goodbye to 2020, thanked for everything that happened with us and now we began the countdown of the new year and are anticipating new miracles and adventures. The first good news of the year is that our festive marathon continues and today Oleg Lukyanov, […]
02 Jan 2021 15:30
Charity Christmas in Poland
Today, as part of our festive marathon, we will tell you about the Christmas miracles that our brothers in arms from Poland did for children. The Niepokorni Orzesze club has organized 2 charity actions. Adults and children of HMB, HMB Soft and other sections took an active part in the organization. What a miracle our […]
30 Dec 2020 14:35



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