Thoughts about World Championship “HMB Soft” from Polish and Turkish clubs
The World Championship in HMB Soft will take place soon – on 25th of November in Prague. Juniors and trainers make the last, the most important preparations. The HMB country-veteran Poland and the country, newly coming to this movement, – Turkey are among countries which will send students to the Championship! How are they now? […]
31 Oct 2017 18:45
Toni Szymanski: «We are proud to be the first tournament in the Buhurt League»
The ITOC tournament, taking place on October 14 in the USA, became the first one, where the system and rules of the Buhurt League had been implemented. It was a terrific event with over 100 fighters from the United States, Mexico, Israel, Australia, pan-Canadian and Quebec teams. As Toni Szymanski, an organizer of the tournament, […]
30 Oct 2017 17:56
Mathis Vidal: “…buhurt – it is real, you can’t fake like in football”
Mathis Vidal from Clermont-Ferrand that is in the middle of France is HMB fighter for almost 4 years. Its a solid term when you are 21 years old. He loves HMB-sport and wants to become top fighter in the country. But lets start from the beginning of his HMB-story. Mathis Vidal: “So I came in […]
30 Oct 2017 13:19
The Buhurt League will start in Poland
18th of November “PLWR Sieradz” tournament will take place in Poland. The event will give a start for Buhurt League operation in Poland! It’s the third tournament of Polish Knight League (Polska Liga Walk Rycerskich). The team “KS Rycerz” from ?ód? city won in first two. Now it will be the moment of truth – […]
27 Oct 2017 17:55
The return of “Mendoza HMB Tournament”
The “2° Torneo Mendocino de Combate Medieval” is the second HMB tournament held in the argentinian city of Mendoza. And we can see that it is becoming a tradition. In Mendoza, teams gathered from all over the Argentina, with several teams from Chile also participating. It was also the first time there was a medieval […]
27 Oct 2017 12:52
Dynamo Cup – for best of the best
Dynamo Cup is the most prestigious club tournament in the world. This year it will be held 2-3 of December under the Buhurt League brand as “Masters”. The most bright, outstanding and “top” teams worldwide come to Dynamo Cup. “If you are not “top” you might be beaten very much”, – Andrew Kiselyus, the tournament […]
26 Oct 2017 17:48
3rd Annual HMB California Classic: waiting for great HMB combats and Medieval show
The 3rd Annual HMB California Classic tournament is pretty close – it will take place on 11 and 12 of November 2017. We are excited to announce it will perhaps be the largest HMB tournament in the history of the USA! 15 teams representing 23 clubs have already committed to participate in the tournament. And […]
25 Oct 2017 16:57
Martin Asereny (Argentina): “The limitation is in the head…”
Martin Asereny from Argentina loves medieval arts, history and of course HMB-sport. He knew about this sport thanks to friends and internet. Martin is a charming young man with disability but he is a real man and real knight! He was impressed by HMB and found a club to train. That`s how it starts. HMBIA […]
25 Oct 2017 14:47
Michael Morgulis shared his impressions about ITOC
“High-class spectacular fights by the Buhurt League system which will help HMB to become a really beautiful sport”, – brief summary from Michael Morgulis, the captain of “Israel” team about his impressions of ITOC tournament.   Michael told in detail about the current tournament: “On the first day inexperience has been visible, but on the […]
23 Oct 2017 18:35
First Buhurt League tournament – first impressions!
Everyone impatiently waited for the ITOC tournament and was confident that it would be held at the highest level. And it was so. The tournament included fighters from different countries, and another fact – it was the first one holding under The Buhurt League system. ITOC showed how the new brand works in practice. HMBIA […]
20 Oct 2017 18:20
The first Buhurt League tournament in France
The tournament “Le Tournoi Des Flandres” will take place on the 4th-5th of November and will give a start to Buhurt League in France! It is the 3rd edition of the tournament organized by the club “Nord Medieval Full Contact”. The event will close the national season of Buhurt. Together with the tournament a medieval […]
19 Oct 2017 17:08
Svetlana Fedorova (Russia): “HMB- that`s what I really need …”
She is successful, beautiful and passionate. And she also shows incredible results in the HMB-Championships. She is the captain of the female team for fighting “3vs3″, a fighter of the National Team of Russia, a faithful friend, a loving wife and just a very interesting person. She is Svetlana Fedorova from the club “The Western […]
17 Oct 2017 12:53
Elections of HMBIA Vice-president
Along with the presidential elections of HMBIA in December 2017 the election of vice-president will be held. President and Vice-president will share a vision of HMB-movement development and turn it into life. That’s why the candidate for such a considerable position should have numerous skills which will let him to manage the important tasks of […]
16 Oct 2017 17:45
“KSR” HMB-club from Poland: trainings-fights-trainings…
HMBIA News continue to tell you about HMB-clubs all over the world. Its important part of HMB-movement and interesting theme to talk about. Today we want to write about “KSR” HMB-club from Poland. We had a little conversation with Krzysztof Olczak – member of the “KSR” club and wellknown experienced fighter. And that`s what our […]
16 Oct 2017 13:01
The biggest tournament in Germany “Berlepsch Cup”
Berlepsch Cup has been held on 30.09-01.10 in Germany. The event remembered for participants as a spectacular international level tournament with a high-quality organization. This year teams from Swiss, Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark, Netherlands and UK visited the tournament. Comparing with previous year the number of teams almost doubled: last year there were 9 […]
14 Oct 2017 18:35
Marshals Summit in Argentina: results and impressions
There 2 new ?ertificated international marshals more in Argentina! That`s the results of first Marshal Summit in Latin America that Argentina held in the end of September. 14 people from Argentina, Mexico and Brasil passed the examinations to become international marshals. 2 Argentinian marshals passed it – Nicolas Garcia and Adrian Carreras got certifications. So […]
13 Oct 2017 16:57



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