Ukraine-USA 5×5: exciting battle!
National teams of Ukraine and USA met on the list in 5×5 category. The battle was interesting, dynamic and complex. Ukrainian team got yellow card from marshals. However, that did not affect battle’s ending. HMBIA News talked to the captains of both sides. Ilias Vyshutin, captain of the national team of Ukraine: “Guys did great, […]
30 Apr 2017 14:24
Canabrava (Brazil): “We are glad to be part of it”
National team of Brazil will enter the “Battle of the Nations” list for the first time. They will participate in “5vs5″ category. Filipe Canabrava – captain of the National team told HMBIA News that they can`t wait to enter the list and fight. Filipe Canabrava: “My team is fighting today for the first time in […]
30 Apr 2017 11:28
Marshal Valentin Zerr (Germany) about first day of the “Battle of the Nations” – 2017
Valentin Zerr – marshal from Germany: “Duel nominations, female 3×3 and male 21×21 took place. Everything went well, smooth, there were no problems noticed, no appellations came. Everything went very well. Second and third day are always harder, basically, we didn’t get that tired yesterday. I think everything will go smoothly today. I don’t expect […]
30 Apr 2017 10:31
Carola Sacchetti, head of authentic committee about their success…
“We did a great job during the online check, from what we saw all fighters are improving their equipment. In the last few years we saw that there is improvement as for equipment. Today we made weapon check with the marshals. We had some problems with shields, but in general I can say that during […]
29 Apr 2017 23:49
“Royal” nomination finished the first day
Battles in the mass 21×21 nomination were a spectacular finale of the day of the Championship. Tribunes watched the “royal” nomination battles with excitement and not only spectators. Almost all the teams came out to support the fighters on the list. Traditionally, team of Russia appeared to be too tough of an opponent for a […]
29 Apr 2017 20:34
Spain female “3vs3″: tough and impressive
Spanish team keeps on showing itself from the very good side! Their fights are long and tough. Today, Spain participated in many categories and one of them was female “3 vs 3″. They met Australian and Finnish girls. The encounter left good impressions. Roosa Aaltonen (Finland): “It was hard, but it was good hard, I […]
29 Apr 2017 20:14
Sword-buckler (female): Ukraine-Australia
Representatives of two quite distant countries met each other on the list of the “Battle of the Nations”-2017. Ukraine’s Irina Ilniczkaya and Australia’s Skye Burnie measured their strength in the “Sword-buckler” category. Numerous people watched the battle, girls gave HMBIA News a small interview. Irina Ilniczkaya (Ukraine): “Quite an interesting battle. I remember Skye from […]
29 Apr 2017 17:18
Longsword”: compliments and medals…
The winners of duel nominations “Longsword” and “Sword-buckler” are announced. The battles were interesting and exciting. HMBIA News had a conversation with owners of the silver and gold medals of the Championship – Saveliy Ganya and Sergey Ukolov. Both fighters are content with battles, they shared some of the impressions from the meeting on the […]
29 Apr 2017 16:23
“Battle of the Nations” – 2017 has begun!
The opening of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2017 took place on the territory of huge “Arena Monumental” accompanied with applause of spectators and participants. National teams have gathered around the lists. Anton Trubnikov – president of HMBIA presented each and every team. The spectators welcomed fighters with loud applause and supporting shouts. […]
29 Apr 2017 13:31
A little bit of inquisition on the “Battle of the Nations”
For sinners, tourists and participants of the “Battle of the Nations”-2017 the torturing space is open! Everyone can watch and try the torturing tools of the Middle Ages. Chains, huge hammer, executioner’s axe and etc. will definitely bring some excitement into the spectators’ life. Charming executioner readily tells about all of his tools and even […]
29 Apr 2017 13:29
Future Mexican fighter
Jonatan Pedroza and his son Arturo are supporters of the National team of Mexico. They both enjoy HMB-sport so much! Arturo wants to join the HMB in the future as he loves very much what he sees on the list of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017. His dad Jonatan supports son’s desires. […]
29 Apr 2017 12:35
Organizers met fighters
Prior to the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2017, in the evening of April 28, captains of the national teams met with representatives of the organizational committee to discuss general question of the tournament.   Participants had a conversation with the President of HMBIA Anton Trubnikov, vice President of international connections Sergey Tsymbal and […]
29 Apr 2017 08:38
Gao Peng (China): “…. We expect to get more friends”
“It’s first time for all Chinese guys participating in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. So excited and a little nervous. We will meet In “5vs5” Ukraine 2, Denmark 2, France 2. As I know they are all tough, especially Ukraine 2. They are so strong. We expect to get more friends and learn […]
29 Apr 2017 08:08
Ida Sonne Lehm (Denmark): “I like the more hardcore group fights…”
Ida Sonne Lehm – is the fighter of the National team of Denmark, but audience will have the opportunity to see her in the list of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017 as a part of Australian female team for “3vs3″ category. Ida told HMBIA News how she became an Ausrtalian. Ida Sonne Lehm: […]
28 Apr 2017 22:58
Skye Burnie (Australia) – Girl who is “strong as ox”…
Most of HMB-sportsmen are trying to bring something new from the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. It can be new armor kit or weapon. Also, most of them has special details in their kits – painted helmet or something else. Well known Australian female fighter Skye Burnie, who is the captain of female […]
28 Apr 2017 22:25
Sérgio Almeida (Portugal): “We are very glad and can’t wait to meet our new brothers…”
Portugal will take part in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017. HMBIA News decided not to pass such opportunity and had a conversation with Sérgio Almeida, fighter from this country. He told us a lot of interesting things. Here you can find more details. As we find out, there will be only 2 Portuguese […]
28 Apr 2017 21:34



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