Balkanskiy, Estonia: “I’ve been thinking about being a knight armed with an axe since my childhood…”
Mikhail Balkanskiy, fighter of “Karu” club, fighter of the National Team of Estonia … Concerning his way to HMB sport I’ve joined HMB sport recently. It happened after the traditional tournament in Narva. Then, after the fighting, we had a nice contact with Estonian soldiers. At that time my future comrades were fighting for the […]
09 Dec 2014 12:04
Harris, New Zealand: “I did yelp a little in my helmet when he stood on me and said “please, don’t use that, ok?”
MEMORY REMAINS “Battle of the Nations”-2014 The most memorable fights we had this year were against the Ukraine and Poland teams. They were both very strong opponents and kicked our arses really quickly, we didn’t fight either of them in 2013 and it was a lot of fun, I would have to say though out […]
09 Dec 2014 09:10
Chevasco Diaz, Argentina: “I hope to get a lot of fun :)”
LOOK FORWARD Battle of the Nations-2015 At the next “Battle of the Nations” I would like to fight against the best National Teams. I hope to be better prepared, I hope to be better than last year, I hope to develop new tactics for my National Team, I hope that the National Teams will bring […]
05 Dec 2014 11:15
“Riddle of Steel” HMB Tournament
December the 6th, 2014 USA 3006 Tinker Point, Oviedo FL 32766 Already tomorrow best fighters all over USA will come to compete for the title of Champion at the “Riddle of Steel” HMB Tournament. Around 30 participants have already registered. Fighters will compete in categories “1 vs 1” and “3 vs 3” according to HMBIA […]
05 Dec 2014 10:13
Cartwright, Australia: “I served as a police officer for many years and my baton training transfers well to the mace”
Mike Cartwright, fighter of “WASCL” (West Australian Armored Combat League) club, fighter of the National Team of Australia  … Concerning his way to HMB sport I came into HMB after I got fed up with the policies within the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and the unrealistic fighting style. HMB fighting, to my mind, is […]
04 Dec 2014 10:51
First Class HMB Tournaments Foundation
As you know, last weekend HMBIA held annual summit of association. During the first day of summit there was among others – Tournament Committee session. There were a lot of hot discussions on major topics, and there was also one BIG surprise. President of HMBIA announced about the establishment of a “First Class HMB Tournaments […]
02 Dec 2014 17:35
Murumets, Estonia: “I would expect good fighting“
LOOK FORWARD Battle of the Nations-2015 I would expect good fighting. It’s what we need. A good fight is a fight when fighters are happy, as well as spectators. It’s nice to fight with your friends and then to talk and listen to various stories after hard battles. Concerning triathlon, I hope to meet even […]
02 Dec 2014 13:24
Official summit of HMBIA. Prague, Czech Republic. Day 2
2nd day of the meeting was dedicated to World Championship “Battle of the Nations” 2015: dates, venue, new format of the venue. The World Championship will take place on the 7-10th of May in Czech Republic. Among other questions were discussed next important points: – Recognition of National Teams; – Legionnaires regulations and mixed teams […]
02 Dec 2014 10:00
“Battle of the Nations”-2015. The venue
“Battle of the Nations”-2015 will take place in Czech Republic! Next year the 6th “Battle of the Nations” will be held from 7th to 10th of May in Czech Republic (Prague). More than 30 countries will take part in the championship. Four days of spectacular fights. Full contact challenge for best of the best. We […]
01 Dec 2014 12:32
Official summit of HMBIA. Prague, Czech Republic. Day 1
On the 29th of November 2014 was held the first day of HMBIA’s summit 2014. Participants from more than 25 countries both offline and online attended official meeting of HMBIA. First day was dedicated to HMBIA matters. The most important questions that were discussed: Development Committee, Marshal’s Committee, Authenticity, Tournament and PR&Marketing Committee. Friendly atmosphere […]
01 Dec 2014 11:25
Quayle, UK: “Fighting on the lists against the Russians filled me with adrenaline, my heart was thumping in my chest”
Team UK participated in “Battle of the Nations” World Championship in France in 2013. I did not fight then as I didn’t know about the sport. 95% of the team that fought in “Battle of the Nations” this year were new fighters, who had never fought in any HMB-tournaments before and who started their training […]
30 Nov 2014 11:53
Pohl, Czech Republic: “Historical Medieval Battle was a logical step in my life”
Pepa Josif Pohl, captain of “MFC Vysocina” club (Czech Republic), captain of the National Team of Czech Republic … Concerning his way to HMB sport Three years ago my friend told me about this sport and about an opportunity to try it. I was very pleased and interested. I had been engaged in reenactment since […]
30 Nov 2014 11:45
Allan Schiller, Denmark: “I think Denmark will be a strong force”
Allan Schiller, fighter of “CMFC” club (“Copenhagen Medieval Fighting Club”), Denmark fighter of the National Team of Finland (“Battle of the Nations”-2014)      … Concerning his way to HMB sport It all started for me in early 2013 when I saw a YouTube video concerning “Sharukhan Clan” fighting at the “Dynamo” Cup. I was […]
26 Nov 2014 17:20
Annual meeting of HMBIA. 2014: Prague, Czech Republic
Due to good tradition, Historical Medieval Battle International Association e.V. HMBIA annually gathers main representatives of HMB movement to hold an official summit of HMBIA. The summit of HMBIA is a two-days working meeting. In its frames participants have an opportunity to discuss activities of Association, to create and make changes in development strategy of […]
25 Nov 2014 11:57
Murumets, Estonia: “I rely on my muscular memory, the things that I have drilled in practice”
Jaan Murumets, fighter of “Turm” club (Estonia), fighter of the National Team of Estonia … Concerning his choice of HMB sport Everything started with the interest to swords and history. From there came LARP. I found friends who were interested in history and reenactment. About 5 years ago those friends called me to Viking swordfigthing practice. […]
25 Nov 2014 10:00
European Championship for full-contact medieval combat, “5 vs 5” Russia, Moscow Sokolniki, Znamenski Brothers Olympic Centre 22 of November, 2014 Results: 1. ”Partisan-1”, “Bern” club, Russia 2. “Furious Five”, “Southern Outpost” club, Russia 3. “Honor”, “Knaz” and “Ayna Bera” club, Ukraine 4. “Bear Paw”, “Bern” club, Russia 5. “Glory”, “Knaz”, “Ayna Bera” and “Kheshikten” club, […]
24 Nov 2014 11:52



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