Glendinning, the United Kingdom. “Fitness and fitness again!” is the key point learned by our team”
I think, our team learned a lot after participation in the World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle “Battle of the Nations”-2014. For many of our guys, including myself, it was the first full-contact fighting in armor. It was the lesson we had to learn from the very first. “Fitness and fitness again!” is the key […]
10 Oct 2014 12:00
Sacchetti, Italy: “You have to make sure that everyone follows the rules”
I participated in the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations-2014 as a member of the Authenticity Committee and authenticity marshal for the first time. Being authenticity marshal this year was a new experience for me. I do not think I can give advice to people willing to join the committee, I have to […]
10 Oct 2014 10:47
Tapsell, New Zealand: “The most important thing is to get fun participating in the tournament!”
Participating in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2014, the men of our team got a lot of experience and excellent skills. We have learned much about the art of combat, about attack and defense… Also, now we know more about the tactics of the best teams in the world. The acquired knowledge […]
10 Oct 2014 09:37
Fontana, Italy: “It’s not enough to be strong and use weapons masterfully to become a good HMB fighter!”
– People of the HMB movement     Roberto Fontana,   fighter of the “Iron Tower” club (Tuscany, Italy),   fighter of the National Team of Italy … About his way to HMB sport, his p  references and physical training… And about the opponent he wants to defeat I decided to become a HMB fighter […]
09 Oct 2014 17:13
Jacq, France: “You have to truly love your marshal duties, and then everything will be all right!”
I think, first of all, the marshal must have a certain experience of historical medieval battles, and not necessarily be a person who has been competing, but a person who knows what armor and weapons look like. Also, you need not to be afraid of being close to fighters during battles on the lists. And, […]
08 Oct 2014 17:09
Battle of the Nations: Art is Forever!
Dear friends! Frankly speaking, we did not expect that the work of our artist, Tomio Vazari, called “The winner takes it all” would turn out an enormous success. We’ve got a lot of feedback, both online and offline :). We are grateful to you for that :). We have decided to continue gladdening you with […]
08 Oct 2014 11:58
Lönn, Finland: “Our motto was “Never give up!”
Everything is possible if you believe it and apply efforts to make your dream come true. It was one of the most important lessons our team learned after the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations-2014. When we decided to take part in the tournament, we had only four months to prepare. In addition, […]
08 Oct 2014 11:05
Zerr, Germany: “We allow any person, interested in the Middle Ages, join our club”
– HMB clubs “Zitadelle”, Germany Valentin Zerr, Vice-President of the HMB club “Zitadelle”, fighter of the National Team of Germany …About club We registered our club “Zitadelle” officially at the beginning of 2013. At some point we came close to the need of registering it. Our Nuremberg group had been existing for many years prior […]
06 Oct 2014 16:39
Johansen, Norway: “I’m ready for real tournaments!”
  – New people in the HMB movement The HMB movement in Norway is only beginning to develop, we have had the first training recently. Before trying historical medieval battles in armor, most of our guys practised Scandinavian line fighting and stage fighting. But, nevertheless, at the end of the training day, all the men […]
05 Oct 2014 09:22
Potryasov, Kyrgyzstan: “Opportunity to fight without any restrictions in the impact force… It really interested me!”
– New people of the HMB movement Nikolay Potryasov, captain of the National Team of Kyrgyzstan, captain of a HMB club “Gvardiya” (Guard), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan “My way to HMB sport” Bishkek has a role-playing club since 2008, several of my friends have been attending it since the moment it appeared. I took this type of […]
03 Oct 2014 11:26
Slavic Warriors from Mexico
– HMB clubs “Slavyanskiye Voiny” (“Slavic Warriors”), Mexico Established in 2014 “Slavyanskiye Voiny” (“Slavic Warriors” in English) is a newly formed group, it has been existing for about three months. Our activity has been limited to training, but soon we hope to start participating in events with some of the other teams of the country. […]
02 Oct 2014 11:29
Ukraine. Final results of 2014 HMB season
Ukrainian season of the year 2014 consisted of six tournaments, it began in April and ended in September. Results of the tournaments can be used to make a rating grid of clubs and their teams. The tournaments of the year 2014 were the following: April 12-13, Dnipropetrovsk, qualifying battles for places in the National Team […]
30 Sep 2014 17:14
Elections of the USA National Team Captain. Procedure
According to HMBIA regulations and taking into account opinion of the USA team veterans, we developed simple and clear Captains elections procedure that might be divided into 3 chapters: Chapter 1. Nominees for Team’s Captain position. All candidates for team’s captain position should fill out online application form not later than 15th of October. They […]
30 Sep 2014 11:33
Di Francesco, Argentina: “Let’s show everyone what we are capable of…or “How I spent Battle of the Nations-2014”
We used to fight, work hard and achieve goals, we learned to sacrifice much to achieve them, and it’s OK. But every time you get an achievement, you cannot believe at first, however silly it may sound. I do not remember everything in detail, only some episodes… I looked at my hands in gauntlets, listened […]
29 Sep 2014 13:06
Anthony Lynch, USA: “I’ll gonna have exact same trials and tribulations as all my fighters”
People of the HMB movement Anthony Lynch, HMB-fighter, One of the organizers of International Tournament of Chivalry (ITOC), Springfield, Illinois. … About the forming of USA National Team The next season our goal is to get local groups to form clubs and work hard together to bring together a national team. What the idea is […]
29 Sep 2014 12:15
Revelations of a duellist
David Britten, Arms instructor of Team Scotland The strangest thing about me is that I have never been interested in HMB. I am an instructor (and a pretty disreputable one) for historical European martial arts. My club is called “Glasgow Company of Duellists.” We specialize in the longsword fighting based on the works of a […]
29 Sep 2014 12:04



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