Two-handed bladed weapons. Tournament aspect
– Information for novices: If we talk about the role of two-handed bladed weapons in tournaments, then we should mention that, unlike in buhurts, it gives no obvious advantage in “triathlon”. First of all, your opponent is armed exactly in the same way. And secondly, the longsword is just a different type of weapon, which […]
08 Sep 2014 12:10
Strike further, strike harder. Two-handed polearms in HMB
The might of two-handed weapons, namely two-handed polearms, reveals itself in buhurt. Halberds, pollaxes, two-handed axes are meant here. An opportunity to strike hard from a distance, without being hit by opponents, gives a significant advantage in battle. If a group of people fight in a well co-ordinated way, and they cause damage to the […]
05 Sep 2014 11:09
Burnie, Australia: “When the fight started, I felt fine”
I represented my country in the women’s “Duel” category at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations. I was a little bit nervous before the beginning of the fighting, as I felt great responsibility. But when the fight started, I felt fine, and even had a lot of fun! However, the weather was very […]
05 Sep 2014 09:05
“Bern”. Current legend
HMB clubs “Bern”, historical reenactment club (Russia). Established in 2002. Mainly focuses on reconstruction of the material culture and combat art of the Swiss cantons of the XIV-XVth centuries. “Bern” is a legendary Russian club which is well-known around the world. The club has been unchallenged leader of full contact medieval battles for the last […]
04 Sep 2014 17:08
When armor is needed. First visit to workshop…
When a person comes to the blacksmith, their talk concerning armor can develop according to several scenarios. Variant one. The customer is not a novice in the HMB movement, he/she talked to experienced fighters, has some combat experience, searched for needed information on the Internet and knows what he/she wants. In this case they discuss […]
03 Sep 2014 14:19
Sword and Shield. Convenience and simplicity
– Information for novices: How can we explain the popularity of such set of weapons as “shield-sword”? First of all, it’s due to the fact the shield provides excellent protection. Secondly, you can use both hands, deliver blows with your sword or edges of the shield. Thus, the fighter is well-armed and, at the same […]
03 Sep 2014 10:12
International Tournament of Chivalry «ITOC» (USA)
October 17-18, 2014 Illinois State Fair Grounds Livestock Center in Springfield, IL Steel Combat Workshop for Fighters Friday, Oct 17 – All day workshop with some of the best HMB fighters in the world, including top fighters from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus! Not open to general public. Tournament of Chivalry Saturday, Oct 18 – Doors […]
02 Sep 2014 13:25
Training in armor. Dangerous protection
When protective kit can be harmful… – Information for novices: Striving of novices for getting fit swiftly is well-known. But the training process should be approached with a common sense and without fanaticism. Beginners should be especially careful while training in armor. The intensity of such training should be constantly monitored. It is not recommended […]
02 Sep 2014 12:32
Choosing weapons. Who cannot fight with halberd?
Every club of historical reenactment has its own policy of fighters arming. Some pay more attention to a “shield-sword” set, some make emphasis on two-handed bladed or pole arms. In HMB sport, the issue of choosing a weapon is always on the fighters, who take into account their personal preferences. They choose the most convenient […]
02 Sep 2014 11:22
The rising Sun of club “Knyaz”
HMB clubs Shining armor, clank of weapons, adrenaline and stands full of fans. It’s the way a spectator sees historical medieval battles, when the prize-winning places of the tournament are at stake, when people root for their teams. It creates a special atmosphere of unity among the parties, making them one single entity. However, a […]
01 Sep 2014 18:20
“The Autumn of the Middle Ages” (Poland
Poland, grounds of the Battle of Grunwald September 20 Polish Association of Medieval Battles (PSWR) and the Museum of the Battle of Grunwald present The Autumn of the Middle Ages, the first event in a series of qualifiers for the places in the National Team of Poland to participate in the World Championship – 2015. […]
29 Aug 2014 10:35
International Championship in Historical Medieval Battle “Call of Heroes II” (Ukraine)
Kyiv region, Ukraine “The Kievan Rus Park” September 20-21, 2014 Categories: “Duel” (“1 vs 1″) “Buhurts” (“5 vs 5″ and “21 vs 21″) “Call of Heroes” is one of the largest and most prestigious tournaments in Eastern Europe and the world. More than two hundred men, representatives of the European countries and the former Soviet […]
28 Aug 2014 11:37
Buhurt. Merry-making is coming
What is buhurt and how to participate? … In the broadest sense, buhurt is a battle between two groups of fighters. Minimum number of participants is 10 vs 10. This number meets the definition of buhurt. In fact, the “5 vs 5″ fight is buhurt that has become a sporting category. Initially, buhurt was a […]
28 Aug 2014 10:03
Concerning traumas in HMB
– Information for novices: As practice shows, it is better not to enter the lists without preliminary preparation. In addition to physical fitness, the utmost attention should be paid to the protective properties and convenience of armor. In fact, even if a fighter has no special training, just puts on armor (of good quality) and […]
27 Aug 2014 15:42
Nuremberg medieval festival “Burggrabenfest” (Germany)
Nuremberg, Germany September 12-14, 2014 “Schwertkampfturnier zu Nürnberg im Burggraben” Tournament categories: – 5 vs 5 (HMBIA rules) – Triathlon fights (HMBIA rules) – Professional fights (WMFC rules) For those wishing to spend a night in a medieval camp organizers will prepare places near the walls of the Nuremberg Castle. Additional info can […]
27 Aug 2014 14:30
How often should you train in armor?
Frequently Asked Questions – Information for novices: Training in armor (in HMB sport) is an important stage of preparation for tournaments. How often should a fighter train wearing armor? Well, opinions differ. Experienced fighters say it should be done one or two times a month. However, they all agree that a fighter shouldn’t be too […]
27 Aug 2014 12:52



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