My first BotN: Dmitrii Trostin (Russia)
Dmitry Trostin, the captain of the Russian national team and a very famous representative of the HMB community, participated in organizing process of the first HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations in 2010. HMBIA News asked Dmitry to tell us how was it and what he was particularly impressed with at that tournament. “Firstlyl, […]
01 May 2020 09:00
HMB elementary school: Medieval sport nominations
Marina Golovina’s mission is to share all the important HMB related information in an easy way. She has started with the essence of each HMB nomination. This world-famous athlete and marshal from Russia shared her view on the official tournament categories from a fighter’s point of view. After reading this, inexperienced viewers will easily find […]
29 Apr 2020 20:08
The Kyrgyz people are not wasting time!
HMB sport in Kyrgyzstan is developing fast, even while quarantined. While there is no way to fight in the lists, representatives of the HMB movement, led by Bogdan Sbitnev, brought their planning and knowledge to a higher level. Of course it is more exciting to fight, but the development of the organisation is no less […]
25 Apr 2020 20:22
XV century in all its glory – full plate armour foot tournament
Full plate armour tournaments are becoming an integral part of our major historical projects. Knightly battles have long been an important attraction in many historical events all over the world.  In Russia, at the largest festival of the military historical movement “REKON” in St. Petersburg, these tournaments are under continous development by “Courage of the […]
24 Apr 2020 17:46
HMB Girls: Stay Home and Train!
Staying fit before, during and after quarantine is the main task of any athlete, and our fighters are no exception. Today, HMBIA News asked HMB female fighters from different countries to talk about their struggle for musculature. Quarantine and isolation continue; however, our girls are not discouraged and are actively working on themselves using all available equipment to them […]
17 Apr 2020 17:40
The British feat in Russia
The HMBIA marshal corps is expanding its geography. The British marshal Andrew Rose worked at the HMB venue of the REKON 2020 festival in St. Petersburg. His work at the event in Russia can be compared to a feat, because he flew to St. Petersburg at a very turbulent time for the whole world, when […]
07 Apr 2020 13:12
HMB and Quarantine: No Team Training!
Covid-19 is holding the world in quarantine for a long time. People are trying to stay at home in self-isolation to avoid this serious virus. All public events are shut down for this period, and HMB tournaments are no exception. The HMB community worldwide is staying home but athletes keep training. HMBIA News asked our fighters from different countries to […]
31 Mar 2020 17:30
HMB Kyrgyzstan: another step forward
“Judge and Travel” is the new motto that helps Bogdan Sbitnev from Kyrgyzstan to develop HMB sports in his country. For 2 months he has been working as an international HMBIA  marshal and decided to share his satisfaction with HMBIA News and all our readers. Marina Golovina, a very well-known and highly respected female fighter and marshal was the first […]
26 Mar 2020 17:22
Young athletes demonstrate a high class!
On the first day of the international festival of the military historical movement REKON, serious passions flared up at the HMB Soft area. Here, on several lists at once, there were 5 vs 5 fights in the age group of 10-11 years, as well as individual fights of the youngest athletes of the age groups of 4-5 years old, […]
15 Mar 2020 17:11
REKON -2020: HMB Soft contention
The international festival of the military historical movement REKON” -2020 is in a full swing. Traditionally, fights of different epochs take place. The HMB Soft tournament is also featured in the festival sports program. Mass battles 5 vs 5 of 10-11 years age category are held at several lists. This year the teams demonstrate high rivalry and level of training. In […]
14 Mar 2020 17:06
Italy will form its National team
This weekend, Italian HMB fighters will feel the heat in the final stage of their National Team qualification! Saturday, March 17, the Castle of Santa Severa hosts the Italian qualifying tournament for Battle of the Nations – 2018. The event is organized by “HMC CUP ITALY” in collaboration with the Regione Lazio, LAZIOcrea, Mibact, Municipality […]
13 Mar 2020 00:27
HMB Soft in Israel: a new round of development
The end of February in Israel proved to be extremely eventful. The first HMB Soft tournament was held there for youths and adults, and a seminar for Israeli marshals was held in the city of Tel Aviv, where they learned to master the skills of working at HMB Soft events. With particular focus on advanced […]
11 Mar 2020 17:01
Israel: HMB Soft as something new
On February 28, the first HMB Soft tournament was held in Petah Tikva (Israel). It’s no secret that this direction of HMB sports is only developing, but Israeli athletes are working to popularize fighting in soft armor.  So, the result of the organization team’s work was the tournament, which for the first time received the official appellation – “HMB […]
05 Mar 2020 16:55
The HMB Soft Open German Championship is returning!
The HMB Soft Open German Championship 2020 will take place on April, 4 in the city of Berne (Germany). It will be the third edition of the tournament this year and the organization team headed by Michael Tegge have already announced the start of participant registration. To take part in the HMB Soft Open German Championship 2020 every […]
02 Mar 2020 16:48
Kurzak: “Physical training is the foundation of the sport”
Paweł Kurzak is literally one of the best HMB fighters in the world. As everyone in the HMB community knows, Paweł is a member of the White Company HMB club from the UK. This strong and muscular athlete shows great results in the list fighting alone and in the 5vs5 team led by him. He is responsible […]
24 Feb 2020 16:42
Spain: when you have fencing in your blood
HMB sport is beautiful in its diversity. A variety of weapons, tactical decisions, categories … Duels and mass battles. Here everyone will find a category to their liking. Today we will talk about duels. More specifically, the popularity of dueling categories in Spain. HMBIA News had an interesting conversation with Rodrigo González Ayala, well known HMB representative from this country […]
07 Feb 2020 15:14



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