The HMBIA General Assembly 2019 in Riga will remain in the memory of the HMB community as the largest, most ambitious 2 day summit with 62 representatives of the HMB community from 24 countries and 5 continents. These figures are also very significant from our open policies perspective. As a founder and supporter of HMB […]
24 Jan 2020 16:09
A story about an armored scientist
Today HMBIA News will tell you a story about an archaeologist who picked up fighting. It is about the Italian girl who fell in love with HMB sport and did everything possible to enter the lists of the most important HMB competition – HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations! Beatrice Pellegrini was born in Milan, Italy. She had a normal […]
21 Jan 2020 14:13
2020; new year’s duelling!
Siberian foothold 2020 this year was held in an unusual format – the tournament consisted only of duels. On January, 5 fencers from Siberia and the Urals arrived in Novosibirsk (Russia). About 20 HMB athletes fought here for the gold. The event received international status – HMB athletes from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan came to compete […]
13 Jan 2020 13:49
Ernesto Brodella Sampaio: “… having the opportunity to carry the brazilian and my team’s flag is amazing”
This year the young athlete Ernesto Brodella Sampaio from The Silver Sword Company HMB club, Brazil participated in HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs in Riga and won in the “Breakthrough of the year in duels” category. It was the first such high level competition for Ernesto and he got into hard group […]
23 Dec 2019 13:43
New round of HMB Soft development
The 3rd HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs was held on December 7-8 in Riga, Latvia. This year, the tournament organizers presented several innovations of the tournament part of the Championship. In addition, this year the geography of the tournament has expanded significantly – athletes from Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia came […]
16 Dec 2019 19:59
The success of the new conference format
This year, for the first time, the HMBIA General Assembly participants had the opportunity to discuss issues that they are interested thanks to the round table format. Such a discussion, according to the participants, was very useful, interesting. Participants shared their experiences with pleasure, answered questions, suggested ways to solve problems. Many of them hope […]
09 Dec 2019 09:59
The most discussed issue of the conference
During the Buhurt League conference, one of the most discussed issue was the problem of working with sponsors for organizing HMB tournaments and supporting such events by local authorities. A problem such as lack of funding is faced by many organizers. Using the example of 3 large-scale festivals, Nadezhda Orlova, the financial director of the […]
09 Dec 2019 09:14
Round Table discussion time
The participants of the Buhurt League conference, that takes place as the part of the HMBIA General Assembly, went on to discuss issues of interest to them in a round table format. Gavin Stewart moderates the communication of the participants. In addition, the HMBIA President Eduard Eme, Ivan Koryagin, representative of the Buhurt League and […]
08 Dec 2019 12:06
HMBIA is always ready to help!
During the round table discussion, the issue of organizing and promoting HMB tournaments was re-raised. Irina Kamaeva (HMBIA PR & Marketing) advised the discussion participants to regard the tournament as product as a whole, noting that there was already a lot of experience in “selling” such projects to potential partners and representatives of the city […]
08 Dec 2019 11:11
City authorities and sponsors in Estonia
Nikolai Bykov, speaking to the conference participants, spoke about the experience of organizing the Reval Cup and Old Tallinn Cup. In particular, they discussed in detail the experience of cooperation of his team with the city authorities. According to him, help from the city authorities was not received immediately, however, being interested in tournaments and […]
08 Dec 2019 10:57
Participants share experiences: about Kening Striid
During the conference, participants from all over the world could share their experience in the tournaments organizing. So, the first to speak about her experience was Esther Veldstra from the Netherlands. The Kening Striid tournament organized by Esther got Masters status this year. The participants, among other things, were interested in electronic chips that were […]
08 Dec 2019 09:57
12 vs 12 in the Buhurt League system
The Buhurt League was created primarily to provide common high standards for tournaments held around the world. Ivan Koryagin, a representative of the League, drew the attention of the conference participants that tournaments of all statuses are equally important for the League and for participants. In addition, during the discussion, the participants were explained the […]
08 Dec 2019 09:12
The second day of the Summit has begun!
The second day of the HMBIA General Assembly is entirely devoted to the work of the Buhurt League. League managers prepared a series of reports on the work of the system, as well as a discussion of current issues with the tournament organizers in a round table format. In addition, an important point here is […]
08 Dec 2019 08:33
A big step forward
HMBIA General Assembly 2019 in Riga has come to an end. It was a busy day, full of work, reports, important decisions and discussions. Each participant thoroughly approached the preparation for the event. The participants came to an agreement regarding all questions raised. So there are a lot of important aspects of HMB development discussed […]
07 Dec 2019 17:57
First results of the HMB Soft Championship
The HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs started today in Riga, Latvia. This is already the 3rd edition of the Championship and the organizers committee note that with each year more and more participants come for medals. The Championship itself is developing also. This year the group category was added and it was […]
07 Dec 2019 16:06
International support on the HMB Soft Championship
44 participants of the HMBIA General Assembly 2019 attended the opening ceremony of the HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs. Young athletes were welcomed by Eduard Eme, HMBIA President of HMBIA and Gavin Stewart, HMBIA Vice President, who referring to the athletes, focused the attention of all Championship participants on the fact that […]
07 Dec 2019 14:44



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