24 Oct 2014 18:18

We have worked hard to promote full contact fighting in armor in Mexico. An important step was the creation of the Mexican Association of Historical medieval battles. The aim of the organization is to promote HMB sport in our country. But we are still working hard to become official members of HMBIA.

We open HMB clubs under the auspices of our association and create new groups. In general, all the representatives of the movement are fruitfully working on the creation and promotion of the League of Historical medieval battles in Mexico. Together, we want to create a series of tournaments that will later transform into Mexican HMB Championship! However, today the sport is developing quite slowly in our country, because few people have armor. But we think that it is a temporary problem.

We have 3 more groups involved in the formation of the HMB League. One of them is called “Liga Moreliana” (Michoacan state), another group is being formed (in the city of Guadalajara), and the third one is from the state of Aguascalientes. They try hard to meet all the requirements of HMBIA, and strive to continue the popularization of historical medieval battles in Mexico together with us.

Alberto Baal Jimenez,
head of the Mexican Association of Historical Medieval Battles,
captain of the National Team of Mexico


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania