22 Jun 2014 11:06

It’s our first time when we are here. We feel happy. We feel great. Because we proofed to other nations that Mexico is not only a small country. We proofed that we are quite strong in some kinds of sport, especially in such uncommon kind for Mexico, as a fighting in armour. We won only five fights, but I guess it’s an achievement for us, and a great experience. We started meeting new friends, new enemies.

This town, Trogir it’s an awesome place, maybe because of atmosphere, which “Battle of the Nations”brought here. But there is also a great heat! Some of the people said “Oh! It’s Mexicans, they already got used to for such weather!”- But not! It’s really hot for us. However, we did a wins, we did our best like we wanted!


Angelo Varela,

fighter of National team of Mexico

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania