13 Aug 2014 11:12

I think the organization was better than usual, with good coordination and communication. Unfortunately we came with a very small team, but we are satisfied with our results. We won all our fights with big scores on the first day, and defeated two Polish teams (Poland 2 and 3). Winning the award for a team with the biggest number of authentic fighters was a great reward for all the efforts we had made in France to improve the historicity of armor and weapons.

About the hardest fight…Well, on the first day, it was so hot that we were literally suffocating, so the last fight of the day against Switzerland was hard because of the physical exhaustion, even though we had no doubt we would win, we had never experienced such heat before. In terms of sportive hardness, I think Ukraine-1 was our hardest opponent, but we lost the first round only 1-0, after the marshals put one of us down. I think it shows that we have reached the level when we can compete with such strong and experienced teams.

I think some teams have a lot to do to improve the aesthetics and authenticity of their equipment. It was interesting to notice how Russia has given up lightweight fighters for 5 vs 5. We were happy to meet new teams like Mexico and Scotland, and I think Finland did great for their first time.

We strongly hope that next year the authenticity and safety check of the equipment/weapons will be improved. As for our team, we realize that next year we will start the competition among the veteran teams, so we can’t take the risk to send beginners.

Thank you!

Edouard Eme, captain of the National Team of France

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania