20 Jan 2015 13:30

I have no expectations concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2015… For me, it will be a great success to be there in an acceptable condition (after an accident I had). But I won`t be a part of the audience or member of the supporting team. I`m a fighter! The only way to support my brothers is with sword and shield. It will be hard, but I will be ready for “Battle of the Nations”-2015. It is the greatest honor to fight under Italian colors again.

To tell the truth, Prague is an important city for me, because I passed there a week of my honeymoon 2 years ago… So, probably, my team and me will be lucky.


Roberto Fontana,
fighter of the “Iron Tower” club (Tuscany, Italy),
fighter of the National Team of Italy



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania