09 Jun 2014 10:13

Although National team of Croatia is a new team, we have ten fighters. They are from several different associations. And they will represent the Republic of Croatia at the World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle. Although we were time-limited, we started with serious trainings and preparations. All of us trained individually at home. Once or twice a week we gathered to develop tactics and possible battle combinations.

Our main focus is group battles “5 vs 5”. We have eight fighters for that. Also we have 3 fighters for triathlon duel. We even thought about women’s category, but due to the lack of funds we had to omit it this year. We also have one member from Budapest, Hungary – Zsigmond Ádámffy. Zsigmond is a good friend of us… small, strong and tough guy! Hungary is out of the tournament, so their guy will be with us.

Our expectations for the tournament are realistic. Our goal is to pass the first round of battles and then continue as further as we can. As it is our first tournament, every defeat and every victory will be a good lesson. It will be a new experience for all of us. We expect to meet a lot of great people, explore new things and expand our horizons and knowledge in order to be better in the future.

Matija Djanješiс,
captain of National team of Croatia

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania