24 Oct 2014 17:16

In my opinion, the most spectacular start in HMB sport this year was made by the National Teams of Mexico and Finland. I did not expect such great results from those teams!

Team France was also superb, it seemed to me that the guys had gathered an excellent composition for “Battle of the Nations”-2014. It was very interesting to cross swords with them, but at the end of the fight we noticed that the French fighters were better prepared than we. In the end, they reached quite high places in the standings.

I hope we will perform much better next year, and I hope we’ll meet interesting novices at “Battle of the Nations”-2015 again. In principle, a lot of teams made a good impression this year, even despite the fact they were at the very beginning of their HMB career.

Frank Døkkr Norðri (Bianchetti),
captain of the National Team of Switzerland



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania