02 Mar 2015 11:22

My personal goal is to have one professional fight with, at least, one fighter from every participating country at “Battle of the Nations” this year. It sounds crazy, but for me it is a personal challenge and the best opportunity to test myself in fights and break through the limits of my mind.

Concerning my team, other fighters and teams I can only wish them to find what they´re looking for.

Concerning organizers and the program of the Championship – keep promoting this sport all around the world for more and more nations to be able to join us and have the best sporting fights in the word. If you’re going to keep in this path just remember to have a balanced refereeing.

And we need a marshal who speaks Spanish!

Orión Maldonado Reyes,
fighter of “Dragones Grises” club (Mexico),
fighter of the National Team of Mexico



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania