07 Aug 2014 15:55

I have been in the movement of historical reenactment for about 5 years, I practised archery, but then HMB attracted me a lot. Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons I can`t fight. That’s why I looked for another way to be a part of the movement. I decided to become a marshal.
And I did that! Now I’m a marshal of the Federation of Medieval Battle of Argentina.

When the first four clubs were formed in the country they took me as a marshal (from the very beginning). The new clubs had to take me because I was more experienced than their members.

Here in Argentina the sport is new, it’s been only a year and a half since its introduction, but it has many followers and fans.

Andy Di Francesco, the captain of my team and woman-fighter is doing everything possible to ensure presence of female marshals at women’s triathlon next year. I hope that at HMB World Championships “Battle of Nations” -2015 I will also act as a marshal in one of the categories of the tournament.

Valy Wainer,
marshal of the Federation of Medieval Battle of Argentina

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania