22 Dec 2014 13:22

I have two children – Jade is 4 years old and Leon is 3 years old. And I can say that they`ve been in the middle of the Medieval movement since they were born. It is possible that in the future my children will take part in the competition as fighters. They have it in their blood. They fight now. And they enjoy it so much.

All their HMB-sport equipment I make by myself. They prefer sword and shield. But they have axes too. And they use my shield too. It`s too funny to see my boy using my shield because it`s as big as him, but he uses it! I’m so proud of my children that they choose such noble and hard hobby. I love it!

Marcos Villani,
fighter of the National Team of Argentina

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania